Adam Jaroš

  • Guide of Uruguay

Hola! I am Adam Jaroš and I will be your guide during the 50th International Chemistry Olympiad. Who am I? A student of inorganic and computational chemistry in the first place, music enthusiast in the second. Because music is love and love is chemistry (sounds pathetic, doesn’t it?). My interests include computer games (what could be better than achieving things virtually, right?), board games (does this count as achieving something in reality?), books, movies and series (yay, let’s observe somebody achieving something). I also love doing sports, like chasing a ball with a stick or falling from a boulder (oh, I remember now, it’s called floorball). All in all, I’m an open-minded guy looking forward to being your guide at this very special occasion of the IChO being organized by two beautiful countries, where it had started a long time ago. I’ve read a thing or two about your country and I’m thrilled to meet you and get to know you and your culture. Nos veremos!