Adam Přáda

  • Guide of the United Kingdom

Hi! I am Adam and I am going to be a guide of the British IChO team this year. I come from a town named Ostrov in the west of Czechia, but I know Prague very well and I’ve already been to Bratislava so we shouldn’t get lost. 🙂 Currently I am in the fourth year of my undergrad/Master’s at Cambridge studying chemistry. By the time of the IChO I will have (hopefully) graduated. In October I will be starting a PhD in theoretical chemistry also in Cambridge.

I went to the IChO’s in Moscow and Hanoi, so I know what it’s like and how much pressure lies on you. I hope your preparation goes well. Do your best at home so that you can properly enjoy the wonderful trip that awaits you. You don’t want to ruin the whole IChO experience by revising here!

I’d be happy to get in touch with you before you arrive so feel free to contact me on Facebook or by email.