Alexandr Zaykov

  • Guide of Costa Rica

Oi lads and lassies!

As you have probably noticed (thanks to the huge heading above these lines) my name is Alexandr Zaykov. Those, who have heard a little about Slavs, know that „Saša“ [saʃa] is the commonly used abbreviation of this name here. Feel free to call me this way!

Together, we shall venture the days and nights of the 50th year of the International Chemistry Olympiad that takes place where it all began a long time ago (in a city perhaps far far away from your hometown).

For those who have not caught the nudge, I am a big fan of Star Wars and Star Trek as well – and hence astronomy, which later transformed (somehow; ask me how later) to chemistry. I work as a theoretical chemist and because crunching numbers and all that jazz around is not always entertaining, I do some synthesis as well (mainly revolving around colourful, indigo-based stuff).

But most importantly, I do not wish to talk too much about myself, I want to hear something about you and the wonderful land of Costa Rica, where I hope to boldly go one day!

See you around!