David Fatka

  • Guide of Phillipines

Hello, the being you see here is me, David. By the time we meet at the Olympiad, I will most probably have finished my Master‘s in Chemistry teaching, Charles University in Prague. In the distant past (I am 26), when I could do Chemical olympiads myself, I did. I never got to the International one though, just at the doorstep. When it comes to what I like, it all boils down to one key part of me: I am playful. From this trait, it stems that I like games in most shapes and sizes, from forest-running summer camp strategies through computer games to boardgames and LARPing. Despite being introverted, it also makes me like interacting with young people from children to „young in spirit“ experienced ones. Therefore, I am sure I will like you and being with you throughout the Olympiad – and I sincerely hope, you will like this event too. After all, it‘s your time here and Czech and Slovak people around are friendly – they just hide more emotions than many others, so they seem somewhat cold.