Eliška Lieberzeitová

  • Guide of Slovenia

Hey, dear Slovenians!
I’m going to be your guide during the International Chemistry Olympiad. I am currently studying the second year of analytical and physical chemistry at the UCT Prague. I am looking forward to meeting you all since it is my favourite thing to do – meeting new people and getting to know things from them. I was in Slovenia once couple years ago and I really enjoyed it. I am awaiting some hot tips for travelling from you!

Humour (mostly sarcastic), tasty food, almost every field of art (especially music and paintings) and swimming are the things that I enjoy the most. All my Fridays during the school year (and some weekends) are dedicated to leading my Boy Scout group and so is the first half of July this year. The second one is dedicated to you. I hope we’re going to have a wonderful time together. Don’t hesitate to add me on Facebook or contact me via e-mail. I wish you good luck!

P.S.: A little song for all music lovers: Peach Pit – Being So Normal