Josef Filgas

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Hello, my name is Josef Filgas. I come from the eastern region of the Czech Republic called Wallachia. I am interested in getting to know the priciples of basic and also non-basic processes happening around us. That is the reason why I study chemistry, but maths and physics are my fields of interest as well. In the course of thinking man occasionally comes across some question that contemporary science is unable to answer (by the way – may human know all answers to all question? is it possible?). That is why I am interested in philosophy – thinking about ‚basic vital questions‘ and recognizing how some people in history were thinking about it is also my hobby, my favourite philosopher is Immanuel Kant because of success in his rigorous rational approach. The questions ‚Why?‘ and ‚How?‘ and their derivatives are in my opinion the most important questions. My third area of interest is music. I have played the clarinet for 10 years. I play with our brass band and if needed, I write or arrange sheet musics for us. But my main interest is classical music. I played several classicist concertos, romantic pieces and also some modern pieces and I admire composers like C. Saint-Saëns, S. Rachmaninov or D. Shostakovich (and others). I wish you success on the IChO so that you are satisfied with that.