Jozef Prieboj

  • Guide of Syria

Hello! My name is Jozef. I will be your guide during the International Chemistry Olympiad. I am from Slovakia and I have recently finished a masterprogram of Organic Chemistry at Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic. In addition to the studies, I started working in a local science museum in Brno as a science popularizer three years ago. Besides that, I have been helping with an organization of two additional high school science competitions for several years. I like physical activities (running, workout, several sports) and also learning new thing from different areas of life. I am a fan of sci-fi, action and psychological movies. I am very sociable and talkative. I like meeting new people, especially from different parts of the world and I cannot wait to discover more about your country. I hope we will have a great time together and you will enjoy the best of the CzechRepublic and Slovakia. See you soon!