Juraj Malinčík

  • Guide of Turkmenistan

Hello fellow chemists! I am Juraj and I shall be your guide for the International Chemistry Olympiad 2018. I study organic chemistry at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. As a high school student, I also participated in IChO in 2012 and 2013 so I am looking forward to seeing brilliant young students like I used to be once. I speak English and I know quite a bit of Russian so we should understand each other even though I don’t speak your language. My interests are computer games, memes, sci-fi, cooking, history and metal music. We can also discuss my greatest passion, chemistry. I also like travelling and learning about new cultures; however, I know almost nothing about Turkmenistan, so I hope you will tell me everything about it! Bratislava and Prague have a lot to show so I hope you will like it. See you soon!