Karel Mařík

  • Guide of Macedonia

Здраво! My name is Karel and I’ll be your guide for ICHO 2018 in Bratislava and Prague. I’m 24 years old and live in the Czech Republic. I study chemical engineering at the UCT Prague. In my free time I like travelling, hiking, reading and music – I play the guitar and sing. My favourite sports are downhill skiing, cycling, and rock climbing.

Why have I chosen to be the guide for your country? Well simply because I’m very interested in the countries, people, and generally everything on the Balkan Peninsula. I’ve been on vacations in almost all the countries there many times and I just love it. I hope that I will get to know more about you and Macedonia through this experience and I’ll do my best to introduce my country to you as well. I believe that we’ll have a good time together and I’m looking forward to meeting you! Please feel free to contact me on Facebook. I wish you good luck during the Olympiad in Bratislava and Prague!