Lukáš Tomaník

  • Guide of Japan

Dear Japanese IChO team,

my name is Lukas and I’m really excited to be your guide during this fantastic event.  It will be pleasure for me to introduce you our two countries – Czechia and Slovakia – which were divided just 25 years ago and where the whole IChO has started 50 years ago. I love chemistry (of course 🙂 ), especially  everything about chemistry olympiad, so I can’t wait for this jubilee 50th year. I also like many sports, especially karate. And that’s how I met Japanese culture. I know a few Japanese words such as numbers to ten or names of various karate techniques. I even know three Japanese characters – 空手道 :). If you want to contact me before the start of IChO, find me on Facebook. I wish you the best luck and enjoy!