Mária Minichová

  • Guide of Mongolia

Hello guys, my name is Mária and I am supposed to guide you during the International Chemistry Olympiad. I study Chemical Engineering in Prague (the city you will see soon) but I am from Slovakia originally. I have never participated in the IChO but I was also competing in the Chemistry Olympiad in high school and I have met many friends there. Moreover, I recall it was really nice time.  In my free time I like hiking and doing stuff in nature. I like travelling too, especially to the places with more nature than people to make it more enjoyable. Do not be scared, I still hope I am sociable and easy-going enough and I am looking forward to meeting you. I wish you good luck at the Olympiad, nice time in Slovakia and the Czech Republic and no stress during the competition.

Prague is an interesting city, see you there soon! 🙂