Michaela Krákorová

  • Guide of Australia

Hi everyone, my name is Michaela, but people call me Misha. I am a medical (4th year) and a physiotherapy (1st year) student but I remain a chemist deep inside. I am very happy to become a guide, because thanks to my guide back there at the IChO 2014 in Vietnam, this event became one of the best memories I have had in my life, honestly. So, I want to try to do the same, I would like to help you enjoy the contest and our country to the maximum. ☺

One day I would like to become a sport-doctor, since I have always been keen on sports. My biggest passion is latin and ballroom dancing, skiing and snowboarding. I love travelling and meeting new people (btw. one of my greatest wishes is to visit Australia!). I also like literature, puzzles and problem solving. Apart from my studies, I have a part-time job as an English and medical biochemistry tutor and I like spending time with my younger brother.

I am looking forwards to meeting you! ☺

Have a safe journey.