Petr Fatka

  • Guide of Iceland

Hello from Prague! My name is Petr and I’m going to be your guide during this year’s IChO. I’m a 1st year student of the UCT Prague. I’m really glad that it’s Iceland I’ll be guiding because your country is the place I’d love to visit once. I like travelling (rather to the countryside than big cities), reading, cycling (I’ve cycled through Norway with two friends of mine), and of course meeting new people. But my greatest hobby definitely is music. I play the guitar and since September I have been trying to learn playing the saxophone.

I like Prague, because it’s a city where you can find famous and beautiful sights in the centre and nice green parks and forests not very far from the centre. I hope you’ll like Prague and Bratislava as well. I wish you all best of luck during the Olympiad. I can’t wait to meet you in July!