Roman Staňo

  • Guide of Pakistan


My name is Roman and I will be your guide during the IChO 2018. I’m from Slovakia but currently I’m studying chemistry in the Czech Republic. My main research areas are computer simulations of soft matter and physical chemistry of macromolecules.

As a student, I participated in the IChO in 2014 in Vietnam and in 2015 in Azerbaijan. Therefore, I’m very excited to be a part of the IChO 2018 and contribute to the IChO organization as a guide. In addition, I spent a lot of time in Bratislava and Prague – both cities where the competition takes place, thus I hope I’ll be helpful.

My biggest passion is Rubik’s cube. I solve this puzzle competitively and I can make it in under 20 seconds. Beside speedcubing, I like swimming, ultimate frisbee and board games.

I’m looking forward to meeting you.