Thị Phương Lê

  • Guide of Thailand

Hi! My name is Phương, my friends call me Victoria, Viki and this year I am going to be your guide during the 50th International Chemistry Olympiad in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. I am 20 years old. I am from Vietnam but I live in the Czech Republic. I am a bachelor student at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, in the first year of study programme Chemistry.

I am interested in science and chemistry, and also in economics. My hobbies are broad: I love music (I am learning to play the piano as an autodidact), cooking and baking, sports (especially swimming and volleyball) and also I really love travelling. Your beautiful country Thailand is near Vietnam, we are close enough almost as a family. Therefore, I chose you and I believe we will understand each other.

I wish you good luck at the Olympiad, interesting time in our countries and many fascinating meetings. See you in July at the Olympiad! Iam looking forward to meeting you!