Valéria Nagyová

  • Guide of the United States

Hello! My name is Valéria and I will be your guide during the International Chemistry Olympiad in Bratislava and Prague. I am from a small town named Holíč, located in western Slovakia on the Czech-Slovak border.

Although chemistry was my passion at high school, I decided to continue my studies in the medical field and I am currently studying dentistry at the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague. In my free time I tend to relax by drawing or playing the piano. I was also a drummer in a band for 5 years. Out of all the sports I enjoy swimming the most and have recently found interest in slacklining. I am keen on traveling and getting to know new cultures. I spent my sophomore year of high school in Arizona where, in addition to improving my language skills, I got to participate in the American way of life. My favorite souvenir is a complete collection of quarters, which my friends and host family helped me gather throughout the year.

I am very excited to be your guide. I wish you all good luck and an unforgettable stay in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. See you!