Dear Business Partners,

we are excited to offer you a unique opportunity to become a partner of the 50th International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) taking place from the 19th to 29th of July 2018 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Olympiad is a prestigious chemistry competition for high school students with participants from 80 countries and an international jury.

This year’s Olympiad is organized by the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with financial support of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sport of the Slovak Republic, with the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague and Comenius University in Bratislava acting as the authorized organizers. Every year, the Olympiad is held under the auspices of the highest representatives of the host country and its Nobel Prize winners, for the world’s greatest chemists have often started out as Chemistry Olympiad contestants.

The 11-day event will be divided into several different sections and blocs, with solving of the competition tasks, both practical (laboratory) and theoretical, as the central point of the programme. Accompanying educational events for students and their mentors, available in both countries, are also an integral part of the Olympiad’s programme. However, the subsidies provided by the ministries are only covering the basic costs of the programme and the transportation and accommodation of the participants. Therefore, the costs connected to the side events have to be covered by the sponsors, who will thus ultimately decide how memorable this year’s Olympiad will be.

Download Partnership Proposal here IChO 2018_Sponsorship Prospectus

If you are interested in sponsoring or need any additional information, please contact Eva Tlamsova for more details.

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